DINNER PARTY is a dark comedic horror animation concept about the cannibalism and the corrupt elite.  You are invited to indulge in the rare treat of human flesh.  The only detail left out is whose flesh will be consumed…

DINNER PARTY is a collaborative effort from Alyssa Forbes, Jenna Ward and creator/team leader Noah Cutter Meihoff.

Below are my individual contributions.


Teaser: setting the table (music by SirmXe)

Environment: Pophagus Estate entry hallway

Visual Development: Characters

Luther Fisk 3/4 and TurnaroundLuther Fisk Silhouette/Facial Expressions

Luther Fisk, the wealthiest banker in North Dakota who smells @$#!^%*&%#$ awful.

Reverend Bishop K.O. O'Lickle 3/4 and TurnaroundReverend Bishop K.O. O'Lickle Silhouette/Facial Expressions

K.O. O’Lickle, The Mississippi Bishop who’s REDdy and ready to blow at any moment.

Visual Development: Props

Rev. Bishop K.O. O'Lickle's Pectoral Kross

O’Lickle’s pectoral kross, bedazzled with gems to boost his koolness.

Sir Anthony Pophagus' Dinner Table Centerpiece

Dinner table centerpiece in the dining room of the Pophagus estate.