Reality is a fluid veil that we can only comprehend by our limited senses.  When the veil thins, we are thrust into the realm of high strangeness.  Whether it be UFOs, Mothman or anything we cannot comprehend with human logic, the Men in Black accompany these moments to keep us in check.  MIB encounters are known to be even stranger than the secrets they keep, as their agendas are often just as ambiguous.  While Will Smith and Tommy Lee Jones prefer the flashing amnesia pen, the real MIBs prefer hypnotic interrogation, gangstalking and eradication.  They are not human, but rather interpretations of our image from the uncanny valley’s lowest crevice.  Of course, many speculate their existence at all, but they have nevertheless worked their way into our reality through paranoid accounts of those who have seen beyond the veil.  However we perceive them, and whether we like it or not, the Men in Black are here to stay.

MIB001: PHONE CALL featured in you are not alone issue 3